A trip around our area

(Uhlířská Lhota – Labské Chrčice – Selmice – Kladruby nad Labem – Hlavečník – Rasochy – Uhlířská Lhota)

One thing I haven’t enjoyed about moving from a place nearby Kutná Hora to a place nearby Kolín is the different landscape.
Before – hills, rocks, big ponds, a water reservoir, deep forests, the stunning Kutná Hora centre.
After – flat landscape, no rocks, sand lakes, dirty water of Labe river, light pine forests, industrial Kolín, mushroom and bilberries craziness.
However, as time has passed, I have developed a taste for my new place of residence.

My husband and I are avid cyclists. We make many bicycle tours and holidays throughout the Czech Republic all season long. We are also keen on short bike tours around our home and its surroundings.

This tour was a spontaneous idea as it wasn’t planned and was done without children – it meant no delays, no increase in weight and minimum stopovers.
We followed paths which my husband (born here) had gone along 15 years ago or had never even gone along. Throughout the trip, we asked for directions from passers–by several times, went astray once, saw blind stream branches, magnificent flowers, trees, animals, several creepy abandoned buildings and much more.

angličtina okolo Labeangličtina okolo Labearound Labe






around Labem
Do you know this gorgeous flower? We saw them only along the river Labe.
Kladruby nad Labem anglický park
The English garden in Kladruby nad Labem

Kladruby nad Labem anglický park









Angličtina na nohou

Angličtina na nohou
DYI bike stand

Kladruby nad Labem Anglický park







Kladruby nad Labem Anglický park

lesoškolky Hlavečník
a plant nursery
Kladruby nad Labem angličtina
Shooting a selfie against the late afternoon sunlight is pretty tough.









Rasochy rybníček
a black pond
angličtina nad Labem
a stubble field
angličtina okolo Labe
We had quite a long break here as my husband reminisced about his childhood.

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